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Package name gtkspell3-lang
Package version 3.0.9
Package release lp150.1.7
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Provides translations for the "gtkspell3" package.


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gtkspell3-lang - - -


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gtkspell3 = 3.0.9


Name Value
gtkspell3-lang = 3.0.9-lp150.1.7
gtkspell3-lang-all = 3.0.9


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Binary Package gtkspell3-lang-3.0.9-lp150.1.7.noarch.rpm
Source Package gtkspell3-3.0.9-lp150.1.7.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gtkspell3-lang rpm package:

# zypper install gtkspell3-lang




2017-05-20 -
- Add pkgconfig(vapigen) BuildRequires and pass --enable-vala to
configure call: Build vala bindings.
2016-11-05 -
- Update to version 3.0.9:
+ Add gtk_spell_checker_add_to_dictionary.
+ Add gtk_spell_checker_ignore_word.
+ Fix possible use-after-free in
- Change source compression to tar.xz.
2016-05-19 -
- Update to GNOME 3.20.2  Fate#318572
2016-05-03 -
- Update to version 3.0.8:
+ Fix cases where check_word is called on an empty range.
+ Add gtk_spell_checker_check_word.
+ Add gtk_spell_checker_get_suggestions.
+ Updated translations.
2016-04-13 -
- Update to GNOME 3.20  Fate#318572
2014-09-22 -
- Update to version 3.0.6:
+ Fix badly merged translations.
+ Also recognize U+2019 as apostrophe.
+ Updated translations.
- Changes from version 3.0.5:
+ Fix incorrect handling of single quotes.
+ Buildsystem cleanups and tweaks.
+ Updated translations.
- Changes from version 3.0.4:
+ Make decode-language-codes more robust.
+ Don't use deprecated symbols when compiled against gtk3 >= 3.9.
+ Updated translations.
2013-06-24 -
- Update to version 3.0.3:
+ Add decode-language-codes property (to show more friendly
dictionary names in the context menu), implemented using
+ Add gtk_spell_checker_decode_language_code method.
+ Use g_win32_get_package_installation_directory_of_module on
+ Add -no-undefined when building on for win32.
+ Use $(foo) instead of @foo@ in Makefiles.
+ Updated translations.
- Changes from version 3.0.2:
+ Added vala bindings.
+ Added some documentation on language bindings.
- Add pkgconfig(gobject-introspection-1.0) BuildRequires: needed in
order to get the typelib language bindings.
- Split out typelib-1_0-GtkSpell-3_0 subpackage.
2013-03-03 -
- Update to version 3.0.1:
+ Actually declare GtkSpellChecker as a G_TYPE_INITIALLY_UNOWNED.
+ Really silently exit if detach is called when not attached.
+ Add gtk_spell_error_get_type.
+ Use PIMPL idiom for private members of GtkSpellChecker.
+ Update license file with correct FSF address, add license
headers to files.
- Changes from version 3.0.0:
+ New major version not API or ABI compatible with gtkspell 2.x.
+ Add GTK+ 3 Support (required by default).
+ A GTK+ 2 compatible version can be built using --enable-gtk2.
+ Update to be GObject based.
+ Add introspection support.
+ Add "language-changed" signal.
+ Add gtk_spell_checker_get_language function.
+ Updated translations.
- Rename libgtkspell-3-0 into libgtkspell3-3-0, following upstream.
- gtkspell3-devel now provides pkgconfig(gtkspell3-3.0), so some
fallout in other packages are to be expexted.
2013-03-01 -
- Spec-cleanup using format_spec_file service.
2011-10-11 -
- Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang to avoid packaging any potential
english documentation in lang subpackage.

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