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Adapta is a GTK+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines that was
created based on the Flat-Plat theme.
This package contains the GTK3+ themes.


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gtk3 >= 3.20.0
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Install Howto

Install gtk3-metatheme-adapta rpm package:

# zypper install gtk3-metatheme-adapta




2018-05-01 -
- Update to
* Removed outdated autoconf option '--enable-gtk-legacy' (
* Fixed missing popup-ed window decorations in Vala-Panel (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Revived ink reactions for upcoming IconTasklistApplet of Budgie-Desktop (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Drop Gtk+ 3.18.x support
2018-04-16 -
- Update to
* Increased running-dot(s) sizes in legacy Budgie IconTasklistApplet (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Converted GtkSwitch to non-scalable sizing (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Converted GtkScale to non-scalable sizing (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Update GtkCalendar styling (Gtk+ 3.x/4.0).
- Changes in
* Added translucent background for !solid mode TopBar (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
* Fixed incorrect line indicator colour when hovering .panel-button (Gnome-Shell 3.24).
* Updated ShowDesktopApplet styling in Budgie (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Updated WorkspaceSwitcherApplet styling in Budgie (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Tweaked wnck-pager node styling (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
* Enforced inverted foregrounds of GtkEntry contained in inline-mode GtkHeaderBar as well (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Updated .topbar styling in Corebird (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
* Polished key-* icon images with more sharper edges (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
* Employed new go-up/down icons for WsSwitcher (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26).
* Added a basic styling for Ubiquity (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
* Really prepared for upcoming IconTasklistApplet styling for Budgie-desktop (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Added a workaround for weird L/R spacing of ApplicationMenu icon of Vala-Panel (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
* Prepared for upcoming IconTasklistApplet styling for Budgie-desktop (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
* Updated generic shadow parameter (XFwm4).
* Updated 'key-shift-latched-uppercase' icon (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
2018-04-03 -
- Update to
* Introduced ink reaction effects for GtkSwitch's sliders (Gtk+ 3.x/4.0).
* Toned down selection-mode GtkHeaderBar backgrounds (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Defined :disabled pseudo-class colours in GtkExpander (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Cleaned up SVG images (Metacity).
- Changes in
* Fixed Gnome-builder 3.28's Omnibar styling in fullscreen-mode (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
* Tweaked Preference window of Vala-panel (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Updated some generic shadow parameters (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0, Gnome-Shell, Cinnamon, Metacity, Opebox-3, XFwm4).
- Changes in
* Left the error message if pkg-config was not found (
* Switched to 'AC_PATH_TOOL' from 'AC_PATH_PROG' to find tool binaries (
- Changes in
* Prepared for Lightdm-gtk-greeter 2.0.5 (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
* Moved some extension styling into a single SCSS file (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26).
* Added GtkVideo styling (Gtk+ 4.0).
- Changes in
* Stopped enforcing circular close buttons in gf-bubble of Gnome-Flashback (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
* Dropped unneeded workaround for CSD titlebutton L/R margins in FirefoxQuantum (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Tweaked GtkCalendar foreground colours (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Port the changes from Gtk+ calendar styling (Gnome-shell, Cinnamon).
2018-03-16 -
- Update to
* Updated a 'key-layout' icon image (Gnome-Shell 3.26).
* SCSS Code cosmetics (Gtk+, Gnome-Shell, Cinnamon).
- Disable gtk4 theme for Leap 15.0 (for real this time).
- Changes in
* Dropped deprecated .panel-launcher-add-dialog styling (Cinnamon).
* Polished vala-panel-runner dialog styling a bit (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).
* Tweaked Gnome-Flashback notification styling (Gtk+ 3.22/4.0).

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