gtk2-metatheme-numix - Numix GTK+2 Theme

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Distribution openSUSE Leap 15.0
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Package name gtk2-metatheme-numix
Package version 2.6.7
Package release lp150.1.3
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
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Numix is a modern flat theme with a combination of light and dark
elements. It supports MATE, GNOME, Xfce, and Openbox.
This package contains the GTK+2 theme.


Package Version Architecture Repository
gtk2-metatheme-numix - - -


Name Value
gtk2-engine-murrine >=
metatheme-numix-common = 2.6.7


Name Value
gtk2-metatheme-numix = 2.6.7-lp150.1.3


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Binary Package gtk2-metatheme-numix-2.6.7-lp150.1.3.noarch.rpm
Source Package numix-gtk-theme-2.6.7-lp150.1.3.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gtk2-metatheme-numix rpm package:

# zypper install gtk2-metatheme-numix




2017-11-18 -
- Update to version 2.6.7:
* See /usr/share/doc/packages/metatheme-numix-common/CHANGES
- Rebase numix-gtk-theme-light-menubars.patch.
2016-11-28 -
- Add Numix 2.5.1 for compatibility with Gtk 3.14 or older.
2016-11-16 -
- Update to version 2.6.6:
* Also support Numix-Frost-Light.
* Nemo statusbar button padding fix
* Fix notebook tab padding issues for some applications
* [GTK+-3.20] Optimised notebook padding.
* [GTK+-3.20] Fixed notebook asymmetrical padding.
* Fix button left margin.
* Fix discrete filled block inside levelbar
* [GTK+-3.20] Optimise sidebar padding.
* [GTK+-3.20] Add styling to Raven components of the Budgie
panel (gh#numixproject/numix-gtk-theme#620).
* [GTK+-3.20] Fix xfce4 code.
* Create global OSD file.
* GTKHEADERB 3.22 :: Create global OSD file
* [GTK+-3.20] Fix for volume OSD slider
* Disable box-shadow for osd button in fine-tune mode
* [GTK+-3.20] Fix gnome-terminal scrollbar colour. Disable
backdrop mode.
2016-10-24 -
- Update to version 2.6.5:
* Fix Nemo patch-bar padding (gh#numixproject/numix-gtk-theme#548).
* Add single SVG asset file ready for batch export to PNG
* Remove old svg files (gh#numixproject/numix-gtk-theme#508).
* GTK+-3.22: Change font syntax from Pango-style to CSS-style
* Add conflict-row styling for Nautilus
* Add monospace code.
* GTK+-3.20: Optimise popover padding.
* GTK+-3.20: Fix Combobox menu padding
* Fix scrollbar horizontal icon name
* Add a background to cellrendertext
* GTK+-3.20: Port gnome-panel code
* GTK+-3.20: Fix infobar structure and add entry error and warning
* Create and Restructure all assets Adwaita and Arc-theme style.
* Optimise modelbutton code.
* Fix title-bar padding in gnome-builder
* Fix OpenBox theme colour (gh#numixproject/numix-gtk-theme#369).
* GTK+-3.20: Fix backdrop mode in Ubuntu
* A WebkitGtk workaround (gh#numixproject/numix-gtk-theme#572).
* Fix errors in the do_install function.
* Add a zip task to Makefile.
2016-09-23 -
- Update to version 2.6.4:
* No changelog available.
- Rebase numix-gtk-theme-light-menubars.patch.
2016-07-12 -
- Update to version 2.6.1:
* No changelog available.
2016-06-17 -
- Update to version 2.6.0:
* No changelog available.
2016-06-10 -
- Update to version 2.5.1+git20160610:
* No changelog available.
- Add numix-gtk-theme-light-menubars.patch: Make light menus (Gtk2),
dark menus are buggy in Qt4 QGtkStyle.
2016-05-29 -
- Update to version 2.5.1+git20160525:
* No changelog available.
2016-05-10 -
- Update to version 2.5.1+git20160510.

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