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Grantlee is a string template engine based on the Django template system and
written in Qt.


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grantlee5-5.1.0-lp150.13.6.x86_64.rpm 5.1.0 x86_64 KDE Applications Unstable
grantlee5-5.1.0-lp150.8.11.x86_64.rpm 5.1.0 x86_64 KDE 5
grantlee5-5.1.0-lp150.3.3.x86_64.rpm 5.1.0 x86_64 KDE Unstable
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grantlee5 = 5.1.0-lp150.1.12
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Install Howto

Install grantlee5 rpm package:

# zypper install grantlee5




2016-04-19 -
- Update to 5.1.0
* Implement advanced operators for the {% if %} tag
* Use 'd' postfix for plugins built in debug mode
* Use 'd' postfix for libraries built in debug mode by Visual Studio
* Make it possible to build without QtScript and QtLinguistTools
* Bump Grantlee CMake requirement to 3.1.
* Bump Grantlee Qt requirement to 5.3.
2015-01-07 -
- Move away from using kf5-filesystem, only users of KDEInstallDirs
should use it
2014-09-24 -
- Update to 5.0.0 final:
* No changelog since rc1 provided
2014-09-22 -
- Activate grantlee5 package, Qt5 based variant of the grantlee libs
- Update to 5.0.0~rc1
* Drop Qt 4 build. Make Qt 5 a hard requirement.
* Add a porting guide for users of old versions of Grantlee.
* Drop custom handling of QObjects and containers in QVariant.
* Drop old names 'grantlee_core' and 'grantlee_gui' in favor of
'Templates' and 'Textdocument' respectively.
* Rely on modern CMake features such as IMPORTED targets and
usage requirements.
* Bump Grantlee CMake requirement to 2.8.12.
* Make the virtual Grantlee::Node::render method const.
* Merge LocalizedFilesystemTemplateLoader
into FilesystemTemplateLoader.
* Remove typedefs for QSharedPointers from APIs.
- Bump miminal requied cmake version to 2.8.12
- Add includes.diff: since upstream doesn't provide a way to install
to custom directory, we cheat!
- Add baselibs.conf
2013-11-30 -
- Update to 0.4.0
* Bump Grantlee CMake requirement to 2.8.9.
* Use the CMAKE_AUTOMOC feature in Grantlee.
* Clean up all CMake code.
* Fix memory leak when deleting a localized template loader.
* Clean up C++ code in preparation for Qt 5.
* Update jQuery version used in example to the latest release.
* Add API for resolving variables to strings in QtScript.
* Fix tests on ARM and other platforms which use float for qreal.
2012-11-02 -
- Update to 0.3.0
* Implement dictsort filter
* Many new unit tests
* Bug fixes and performance improvements
* Roman numeral support in textdocument processing
2011-11-05 -
- Update to version 0.2.0:
* Fix build on several platforms including mac, solaris and bsds.
* Gather coverage data in release builds instead of debug builds.
* Ensure that unit tests can be run and pass before installation.
* Ensure that unit tests pass in multiple locales.
* Fix several compiler warnings.
* Add options for generating coverage data using testcocoon.
- Spec file updates:
* Renamed License: to LGPL-2.1+.
* Spec-cleaner run.
2011-07-07 -
- Spec file updates:
* Added Provides/Obsoletes for grantlee.
2011-07-06 -
- update to version 0.1.9
* Port the lexer to a state machine based string parser.
* Add feature to trim insignificant whitespace.
* Build with stricter Qt flags QT_NO_KEYWORDS and QT_NO_CAST_FROM_BYTEARRAY.
* Add example application for a html based templated application framework.
* Add documentation and convenience functions for QObject and Q_PROPERTY
* Modernise the CMake build system including creation of EXPORT targets and
fixing of various cross-platform issues.
* Add a componentized CPack packaging system for binary tarballs and windows
install wizards.
* Ability to use COMPONENTS argument to find_package with Grantlee.
* Add a build target for generating code coverage information.
* Platform fixes for MIPS, ARM and MinGW.
* Add more documentation for example applications shipped with the Grantlee
* Add the changelog for prior versions of Grantlee.
- Spec file updates:
* Added lcov in BuildRequires:.
* Changes based on openSUSE shared library packaging policy (added
libgrantlee_core0 and libgrantlee_gui0 packages, removed grantlee
* Minor other updates.

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