gpsd - Service daemon for mediating access to a GPS

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Package version 3.17
Package release lp150.2.12
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gpsd is a service daemon that mediates access to a GPS sensor connected
to the host computer by serial or USB interface, making its data on the
location/course/velocity of the sensor available to be queried on TCP
port 2947 of the host computer.  With gpsd, multiple GPS client
applications (such as navigational and wardriving software) can share
access to a GPS without contention or loss of data.  Also, gpsd
responds to queries with a format that is substantially easier to parse
than NMEA 0183.  A client library is provided for applications.
After installing this RPM, gpsd will automatically connect to USB GPSes
when they are plugged in and requires no configuration.  For serial
GPSes, you will need to start gpsd by hand.  Once connected, the daemon
automatically discovers the correct baudrate, stop bits, and protocol.
The daemon will be quiescent when there are no clients asking for
location information, and copes gracefully when the GPS is unplugged
and replugged.


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gpsd = 3.17-lp150.2.12
gpsd(x86-64) = 3.17-lp150.2.12


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Binary Package gpsd-3.17-lp150.2.12.x86_64.rpm
Source Package gpsd-3.17-lp150.2.12.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gpsd rpm package:

# zypper install gpsd




2017-12-01 -
- build with Qt5
- refreshed gpsd-python3.patch
2017-11-28 -
- removed  gpsd-fix-shebang.patch
- reworked gpsd-python3.patch
- build python3 subpackage
2017-11-23 -
- Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
%_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
2017-11-20 -
- Update to version 3.17:
* Repair support for non-NMEA devices requring active probing
(e.g. Garmin USB GPSes).
* Fix a SiRF driver bug that occasionally confused NTP.
* Support for Spectratime iSync GRClok and LNRClok oscillators.
* gpxlogger can reconnect when the GPS loses the fix.
* xgps and xgpsspeed moved to python-gi,
getting shut of the deprecated pygtk2 bindings.
* Default mode for xgpsspeed is now the more interesting nautical
* gpsmon includes the hostname with the device display.
* gpsprof now has centimeter precision.
- Add gpsd-python3.patch to fix building with python3
- Fix shebangs of python script (currently still python2)
- Refresh gpsd-fix-shebang.patch
2017-11-13 -
- Rename python subpackage to python2
2017-04-06 -
- Remove conditionals for 1210 and older (oldest codebase built is SLE12)
- run scons in multiple threads
- convert to pkgconfig dependencies
2017-02-28 -
- Cleanup build/spec file:
* Use .desktop files and PNG icon from tarball
* correct flag to disable stripping (nostrip=True)
2016-08-26 -
- Update gpsd.keyring (old key 8421F11C got superseeded by 8C6C738D)
- Added "-std=gnu++98" to the compile-flags otherwise compilation will break
on systems with >= gcc6
- ifdef "Requires: pps-tools-devel" since it's only available on recent
- Update to version 3.16
* Test rebuilds for mid-2015 leapsecond bump.
* Regression tests will run even if "python" in Python 3.
* Build correctly on systems where -ltinfo is split from -lncurses.
* Avoid some rare overflow conditions in PPS code.
* Fix bugs in JSON sat-view parsing due to the JSON parser stuffing
ints into shorts.
* Various small fixes to AIS interpretation.
* Prevent a memory leak in long-running gpsmon instances.
* Fix Savannah bug #45270: serial driver does not work properly on pipes.
* Fix Savannah bug #44648: GPSD won't build if CCFLAGS contains options
that are only compatible with the cros1s-compiler.
* Fix Savannah bug #45342: SConstruct generates wrong *.pc files.
* Fix Savannah bug #46495: gpsd_poll may crash due to unitialized pointer
(probably due to buggy FD_ISSET on host system).
* Fix Savannah bug #46648: gpsd crashes and buffer overflow is reported
when terminated.
* Fix Savannah bug #46802: AIVDM to CSV is broken in some weird cases.
* Fix Savannah bug #46804: JSON satellite view parsing is somewhat broken.
2016-08-09 -
- use pkgconfig(udev) to always allow using udev-mini
2016-08-08 -
- add pps-tools-devel as BuildRequires to enable kernel PPS

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