gpgme - Programmatic library interface to GnuPG

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GnuPG Made Easy (GPGME) is a library designed to make access to GnuPG
easier for applications. It provides a high-level crypto API for
encryption, decryption, signing, signature verification, and key
management. It uses GnuPG as its back-end.


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gpgme-1.12.0-lp150.161.5.x86_64.rpm 1.12.0 x86_64 KDE Applications Unstable
gpgme-1.12.0-lp150.4.5.x86_64.rpm 1.12.0 x86_64 KDE Unstable
gpgme-1.12.0-lp150.4.3.x86_64.rpm 1.12.0 x86_64 KDE 5
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gpgme = 1.10.0-lp150.2.6
gpgme(x86-64) = 1.10.0-lp150.2.6


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Binary Package gpgme-1.10.0-lp150.2.6.x86_64.rpm
Source Package gpgme-1.10.0-lp150.2.6.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gpgme rpm package:

# zypper install gpgme




2018-01-08 -
- Tweak up the python conditional to allow us finegraining and
selecting only py2 or py3 if needed
2017-12-12 -
- gpgme 1.10.0:
* Now returns more specific error codes for decryption to distinguish
between bad passphrase, user canceled, and no secret key.
* Now returns key origin information if available.
* Added context flag "auto-key-retrieve" to selectively enable the
corresponding gpg option.
* Added flag is_de_vs to decryption and verify results.
* py: Use SEEK_SET as default for
* cpp: Various new APIs.
* Reduced spawn overhead on Linux again.  Added new configure option
- -disable-linux-getdents to disable this feature for very old
Linux versions.
* Improved the Python bindings build system.
* Made the test suite less fragile.
* Interface changes relative to the 1.9.0 release:
gpgme_decrypt_result_t      EXTENDED: New field 'is_de_vs'.
gpgme_signature_t           EXTENDED: New field 'is_de_vs'.
gpgme_keyorg_t              NEW.
gpgme_op_delete_ext         NEW.
gpgme_op_delete_ext_start   NEW.
gpgme_op_conf_dir           NEW.
gpgme_set_ctx_flag          EXTENDED: New flag 'auto-key-retrieve'.
cpp: DecryptionResult::isDeVs         NEW.
cpp: Signature::isDeVs                NEW.
cpp: EngineInfo::Version::operator>   NEW.
cpp: Context::createKey               NEW.
cpp: Context::startCreateKey          NEW.
cpp: Context::createSubkey            NEW.
cpp: Context::startCreateSubkey       NEW.
qt: QuickJob                          NEW.
py: DecryptResult           EXTENDED: New boolean field 'is_de_vs'.
py: Signature               EXTENDED: New boolean field 'is_de_vs'.
py: GpgError                EXTENDED: Partial results in 'results'.
2017-11-07 -
- Make python package naming consistent with python singlespec

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