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License for Google's Noto fonts.


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google-noto-fonts-doc-20170919-lp150.46.1.noarch.rpm 20170919 noarch Fonts
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google-noto-fonts-doc = 20170919-lp150.2.1


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Binary Package google-noto-fonts-doc-20170919-lp150.2.1.noarch.rpm
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Install Howto

Install google-noto-fonts-doc rpm package:

# zypper install google-noto-fonts-doc




2018-02-12 -
- increase required disk space to 7GB as rpmlint check fails on
workers with 6 (bsc#1080547)
2017-11-02 -
- update to version 20170919
- new: Adlam Sans Serif Font
- new: Adlam Unjoined Sans Serif Font
- new: Anatolian Hieroglyphs Sans Serif Font
- new: Arabic Sans Serif Font
- new: Chakma Sans Serif Font
- new: Display Sans Serif Font
- new: Osage Sans Serif Font
2017-04-08 -
- remove CJK from google-noto-fonts. they follow a different release
schedule and they need to be handled separately
2017-02-28 -
- update to version 20161025
- new: Mono Font
- new: Naskh Arabic Font
- new: Bengali Sans Serif Font
- new: Devanagari Sans Serif Font
- new: Gujarati Sans Serif Font
- new: Gurmukhi Sans Serif Font
- new: Kannada Sans Serif Font
- new: Khmer Sans Serif Font
- new: Lao Sans Serif Font
- new: Malayalam Sans Serif Font
- new: Myanmar Sans Serif Font
- new: Oriya Sans Serif Font
- new: Tamil Sans Serif Font
- new: Telugu Sans Serif Font
- new: Thai Sans Serif Font
- new: Sans UI Font
- new: Bengali Font
- new: Devanagari Font
- new: Gujarati Font
- new: Kannada Font
- new: Malayalam Font
- new: Tamil Font
- new: Telugu Font
- fix
- handle UI fonts, that do not start with Sans ot Serif
- fix description of fonts, that do not start with Sans ot Serif
- flag sans fonts only, that really deserve it
2016-09-11 -
- move 59-noto-sans-cjk.conf into fonts-config (boo#998301)
to prevent an independent font package from changing family
preferences list
- Enable case-insensitive sort and regenerate the spec file
2016-04-03 -
- rename 52-noto-sans-cjk.conf to 59-noto-sans-cjk.conf.
- get rid of sub-pixel rendering settings.
2016-03-25 -
- add 52-noto-sans-cjk.conf, fix boo#972664 "Noto Sans CJK:
Chinese are using Japanese Glyphs".
- add scalable-font-XXX provides to noto-sans-cjk-fonts package
- add locale() to noto-sans-cjk-fonts package, set it as default
font for Chinese.
2016-03-09 -
- Add and ship all CJK fonts in a single ttc
file and an single subpackage, this will save a lot of disk
- Specify file permissions in defattr, some zip files are shipping
files with incorrect permissions.
2016-01-08 -
- add _constraints, need at least 4.5GB disk space
2016-01-05 -
- Ensure reconfigure_fonts_prereq macro is used for all subpackages
(spotted by Takashi Iwai).

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