golang-github-russross-blackfriday - Markdown processor implemented in Go

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Package name golang-github-russross-blackfriday
Package version 1.4.0+git20151230.c8875c0
Package release lp150.2.1
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
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Blackfriday is a Markdown processor implemented in Go. It is paranoid about its
input (so you can safely feed it user-supplied data), it is fast, it supports
common extensions (tables, smart punctuation substitutions, etc.), and it is
safe for all utf-8 (unicode) input. HTML output is currently supported, along
with Smartypants extensions. An experimental LaTeX output engine is also


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golang-github-russross-blackfriday - - -


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golang(github.com/shurcooL/sanitized_anchor_name) -


Name Value
golang(github.com/russross/blackfriday) -
golang-github-russross-blackfriday = 1.4.0+git20151230.c8875c0-lp150.2.1
golang-github-russross-blackfriday(x86-64) = 1.4.0+git20151230.c8875c0-lp150.2.1


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Binary Package golang-github-russross-blackfriday-1.4.0+git20151230.c8875c0-lp150.2.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package golang-github-russross-blackfriday-1.4.0+git20151230.c8875c0-lp150.2.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install golang-github-russross-blackfriday rpm package:

# zypper install golang-github-russross-blackfriday




2018-02-01 - ro@suse.de
- do not build on s390, only on s390x (no go on s390)
2016-12-02 - tboerger@suse.com
- Recursively test all packages
2016-12-02 - tboerger@suse.com
- Added rpmlintrc for common golang linting
2016-12-02 - tboerger@suse.com
- Always call gobuild and goinstall
2016-12-02 - tboerger@suse.com
- Requires and BuildRequires for dependencies
2016-12-02 - tboerger@suse.com
- Using the new golang-packaging now
2016-12-02 - tboerger@suse.com
- Refactoed spec with a new unified layout
2016-12-01 - jmassaguerpla@suse.com
- add the generation of the source package. With go1.7 we need
the source in order to build other golang-* which depend on this
2016-01-17 - i@marguerite.su
- Update to version 1.4.0+git20151230.c8875c0:
+ remove check that brace is > 0
+ Use more idiomatic form for set of strings
+ Add a few missing HTML5 block tags
+ Fix footnote following an exclamation point
+ Add String() method to reference struct
+ Fix nested footnotes
+ Fix fenced code processing inside blockquotes
+ Refix fenced code blocks w/o preceding blank lines
+ Fix escaping asterisks within emphasis
+ Fix footnote followed by a reference style link
+ Fix bug parsing emphasis
+ Add HTML_SMARTYPANTS_DASHES for togging smart dashes
+ LaTex backend: add # to list of characters requiring
+ Don't require the input to end with a newline
+ Implement support for CDATA section
+ Convert constant variables into consts
+ Fix bug with gathering list item lines
2015-07-28 - i@marguerite.su
- rename to golang-github-russross-blackfriday
- update version 1.2.0+git20150720.8cec3a8
- use golang-packaging for packaging

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