gnome-sharp2 - Mono bindings for GNOME

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Package name gnome-sharp2
Package version 2.24.2
Package release lp150.1.3
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
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This package contains Mono bindings for GNOME.


Package Version Architecture Repository
gnome-sharp2 - - -


Name Value
/sbin/ldconfig -
/usr/bin/pkg-config - - - - - - -
mono(art-sharp) =
mono(gdk-sharp) =
mono(glib-sharp) =
mono(gnome-vfs-sharp) =
mono(gtk-sharp) =
mono(mscorlib) =
mono(pango-sharp) =
pkgconfig(art-sharp-2.0) -
pkgconfig(gnome-vfs-sharp-2.0) -
pkgconfig(gtk-sharp-2.0) -


Name Value
gnome-sharp2 = 2.24.2-lp150.1.3
gnome-sharp2(x86-64) = 2.24.2-lp150.1.3 -
mono(gnome-sharp) =
pkgconfig(gnome-sharp-2.0) = 2.24.2


Type URL
Binary Package gnome-sharp2-2.24.2-lp150.1.3.x86_64.rpm
Source Package gnome-sharp2-2.24.2-lp150.1.3.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gnome-sharp2 rpm package:

# zypper install gnome-sharp2




2017-05-16 -
- Remove redundant %clean section.
2017-05-02 -
- Added fix-sample-mono-path.patch: fix incorrect MONO_PATH env when building samples in order to fix build for upcoming Mono 5.0
- Added "post" and "postun" sections for gnome-sharp2 package with calls to ldconfig in order to fix build "library-without-ldconfig-postun" OBS error
2012-02-04 -
- Change License tag to SPDX identifier: LGPL-2.1.
2011-07-25 -
- Fixed typos in descriptions of gnome-sharp2.spec
2011-07-08 -
- Split gconf-sharp-peditors2 subpackage, to avoid making
gconf-sharp2 depend on gnome-sharp2 and friends.
2011-06-09 -
- Help the build to choose the right packages by using
pkgconfig()-style BuildRequires:
+ Old ones: glade-sharp2, gtk-sharp2, gtk-sharp2-gapi,
mono-devel, gnome-panel-devel, monodoc-core
+ New ones: mono, mono-cairo, gtk-sharp-2.0, glade-sharp-2.0,
gnome-vfs-2.0, libgnomecanvas-2.0, libgnomeui-2.0,
gtk+-2.0, gmodule-2.0, gapi-2.0
- Remove unneeded BuildRequires:
+ librsvg-devel, vte-devel, gtkhtml2-devel, gnome-panel-devel,
- Spec-cleanup using spec-cleaner
2010-10-29 -
- Spec cleanup
- Update to 2.24.2
* Remove Mono.GetOptions dep
* Fix bgo#483251
2010-09-30 -
- Remove libgnomedb-devel BuildRequires: there is no binding for
2010-01-26 -
- Update to 2.24.1
* Fix bgo#469663
2009-08-11 -
- ppc64 is native now (don't use biarchcompat)

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