glucat-devel - Library of C++ templates implementing universal Clifford algebras

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GluCat is a library of template classes which model the universal
Clifford algebras over the field of real numbers, with arbitrary
dimension and arbitrary signature. GluCat implements a model of each
Clifford algebra corresponding to each non-degenerate quadratic form
up to a maximum number of dimensions.
This package contains the header files required for developing
applications using the glucat library.


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glucat-devel-0.8.2-lp150.40.9.x86_64.rpm 0.8.2 x86_64 Science
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glucat-devel = 0.8.2-lp150.1.31
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Install Howto

Install glucat-devel rpm package:

# zypper install glucat-devel




2017-02-01 -
- use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
2016-07-11 -
- Update to version 0.8.2:
+ The GluCat classes basis_matrix_t and framed_multi<> have been
+ The class basis_matrix_t is now based on int rather than on
Scalar_T. This should make basis matrix generation more
efficient, especially when Scalar_T is of class dd_real or
+ The class framed_multi<> is now based on either
map<index_set_t, Scalar_T> or unordered_map<index_set_t,
Scalar_T>, rather than the previous base class, map<const
index_set_t, Scalar_T> or unordered_map<const index_set_t,
Scalar_T>.  This is for compatibility with the libc++
implementations of these bases classes.
+ The framed_multi<> and matrix_multi<> constructors that use
the parameters val, frm and prechecked have changed. The frame
used for the constuction now includes the union of val.frame()
with frm, and these constructors no longer throw an exception
if val is oustide of frm.
+ A new function, reframe(lhs,rhs,lhs_reframed,rhs_reframed)
fixes a bug in reframing for binary operations on class
+ The function reframe(self, ixt) in pyclical/PyCliCal.pyx now
puts self into a larger frame, containing the union of
self.frame() and index set ixt.
+ GluCat now compiles with clang++ and libc++.
+ PyClical can now be built with g++ version 4.8 and possibly
earlier versions.
+ GluCat also compiles cleanly with Intel C++ 16.0.2.
- Drop patches incorporated upstream:
+ glucat-pyclical-demos-dir.patch
+ glucat-doxygen-build-workaround.patch
+ glucat-pyclical-pythonpath.patch.
- Pyclical module now builds with gcc older than 4.9 again,
reenable python-glucat for openSUSE 13.2 and older.
2016-05-05 -
- Update to version 0.8.1:
+ The configuration option --with-tuning=arg controls test
tuning via preprocessor macros and the header files
test/tuning.h and test/undefine.h.
+ The configuration option --enable-check-isnan controls checks
for NaN values, and the configuration option --with-pool-alloc
controls the use of the Boost pool allocator.
+ The scripts test/,
test/ and
test/ enable comprehensive tesing of
configuation options.
+ The use of Autotools has again been improved, with
enhancements to make, make clean, make dist and make install,
and the introduction of make check, make doc and make
- Use make check for the %check section.
- Add glucat-pyclical-demos-dir.patch to add a configure option
"--with-demo-dir" to set a custom path to install the
pyclical demos (defaults to %%{_datadir}/pyclical/demos);
patch submitted upstream. We use this option to install the
demos to %{_docdir}/%{name}/demos.
- Add glucat-doxygen-build-workaround.patch: required to
circumvent a known doxygen 1.8.11 regression (bgo#762982); only
required for openSUSE > 13.2. This patch should be dropped when
the upstream doxygen bug is fixed and the fixed version is made
available for openSUSE:Factory.
- Add glucat-pyclical-pythonpath.patch to include the correct dir
for the Pycilcal module before building the pyclical notebooks;
patch sent upstream.
- Add BuildRequires: automake, autoconf; new patches modify
autotool build files.
- Package pyclical demos.
- Pyclical module does not build for openSUSE <= 13.2 or Leap
- Build HTML and PDF documentation, package them in a separate
sub-package; add BuildRequires on texlive packages required for
building the PDF documentation.
2015-10-18 -
- Clean junk before building

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