glslang-devel - OpenGL and OpenGL ES shader front end and validator

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glslang is the official reference compiler front end for the OpenGL
ES and OpenGL shading languages. It implements a strict
interpretation of the specifications for these languages.
spirv-remap is a utility to improve compression of SPIR-V binary
files via entropy reduction, plus optional stripping of debug
information and load/store optimization. It transforms SPIR-V to
SPIR-V, remapping IDs. The resulting modules have an increased ID
range (IDs are not as tightly packed around zero), but will compress
better when multiple modules are compressed together, since
compressor's dictionary can find better cross module commonality.


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Install Howto

Install glslang-devel rpm package:

# zypper install glslang-devel




2017-08-07 -
- Update to new snapshot 3.0.g1516
* SPV: Handle nested opaque types as function parameters.
* SPV: Implement new extensions GL_KHX_device_group and
* HLSL: Fix #747: accept 'struct' in front of previously
user-defined type name.
* Rename KHX to EXT to match the released specs.
* PP: Recognize the '::' token, and translate appropriately to
GLSL/HLSL token.
* Added 'GL_core_profile' and 'GL_compatibility_profile' macro
definition to preamble.
* HLSL: Add scoping operator, accept static member functions,
and support calling them.
* HLSL: require tessellation factors to be fixed size arrays
* HLSL: Add namespace grammar and some basic semantics.
* Implement the SPV_KHR_16bit_storage,
GL_AMD_texture_gather_bias_lod, GL_AMD_gpu_shader_int16,
GL_EXT_shadow_samplers, GL_ARB_shader_stencil_export,
GL_OVR_multiview, GL_OVR_multiview2
SPV_KHR_post_depth_coverage extensions.
* Fix NULL pointer dereference in TParseContext::builtInOpCheck.
* GLSL 4.6: Implement atomic counter ops and
* GLSL 4.6: Implement draw parameters.
* GLSL 4.6: Implement shader group vote.
- Add nodate.diff
2017-02-20 -
- Update to 3.0.g1115
* Added --vn option to generate a C header file containing a
variable assigned to the hex representation of the shader.
* HLSL: Type sanitization: create non-IO types for var decl and
fn param/ret.
- Drop gccwarn.diff (resolved upstream)
2017-02-04 -
- Update to 3.0.g1077
* Support SPV_NV_viewport_array2 and SPV_NV_stereo_view_rendering
* Implement SPV_KHR_subgroup_vote
* Add EOpD3DCOLORtoUBYTE4 decomposition
* Add support for SPV_NV_geometry_shader_passthrough and
* Add UAV (image) binding offset and HLSL register support
- Add gccwarn.diff
2016-10-31 -
- Update to 3.0g900
* Added -x option to save SPIR-V as 32-bit hexadecimal numbers to
a text file.
* Add decompositions for some HLSL intrinsics.
* HLSL: Support semantics in function parameter declarations.
* HLSL: Map parameter qualifiers from generic to function-specific
and entry-point specific.
* HLSL: Add texture Load method & decomposition
* HLSL: Add SampleLevel method
* HLSL: Add gather, improve proto generator machine for upcoming
* HLSL: add 2DMS texture formats, and matching Load / GetDimensions
* HLSL: Add shape conversions for scalar -> vector assigments.
* HLSL: Add string basic type and recognize string declaration
* HLSL: allow multi-dimensional arrays
2016-06-12 -
- Update to 2.3g537
* HLSL: Implement proper nesting of symbol-table scopes and
identifier searching.
* HLSL: Add all int/float/bool/uint matrix types, void for
functions, and a few others.
* Types: Add an isOpaque() helper
* remapper: do not eliminate interface variables in dce by default
* Initial implementation of direct-mapped subset of HLSL intrinsics
with type subset.
* SPV: Don't shadow sampler parameters when performing function calls
* Check for linking multiple ES shaders to the same stage
* Vulkan: Finish semantics for what creates spec-const-semantics.
* HLSL: Add more matrix types to the grammar.
* Full stack: distinguish between a scalar and a vector of size 1.
* SPV: Don't emit memory barrier for ESSL barrier(), but still do
for GLSL barrier().
* Add support for querying vertex attributes in reflection API
* SPV: Don't add clip/cull distance capabilities unless used.
* Tests: Add a set of gtest-file-based HLSL tests.
* SPV: Handle matrix's OpFConvert vector by vector.
* HLSL: Add function call syntax and AST building.
* SPV: Add capability ImageGatherExtended if necessary.
* SPIR-V do not decorate: members of plain structs with location;
non-top level members with interp.

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