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Cargo downloads your Rust project’s dependencies and compiles your project.


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cargo-0.26.0-lp150.2.3.4.x86_64.rpm 0.26.0 x86_64 openSUSE Update Oss
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cargo = 0.25.0-lp150.1.4
cargo(x86-64) = 0.25.0-lp150.1.4
config(cargo) = 0.25.0-lp150.1.4


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Binary Package cargo-0.25.0-lp150.1.4.x86_64.rpm
Source Package cargo-0.25.0-lp150.1.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install cargo rpm package:

# zypper install cargo




2018-05-01 -
- update to 0.25.0
+ Added a workspace.default-members config that overrides implied --all in virtual workspaces.
+ Enable incremental by default on development builds. Also added configuration keys to Cargo.toml
and .cargo/config to disable on a per-project or global basis respectively.
- Patch disabled
* update-config-guess.patch
2018-03-23 -
- adapt rustc to 1.24.1
2018-02-28 -
- adapt cargo bootstrap version to 0.25.0
- adapt rustc bootstrap version to 1.24.0
2018-02-20 -
- add update-config-guess.patch to update config.* from GNU to
support riscv64 without rpm patching it - as the patch also
updates the checksums while rpm does not
2018-01-16 -
- adapt cargo bootstrap version to 0.24
2018-01-04 -
- update to 0.24.0
+ Cargo now supports alternative registries[cargo/4506]
+ Cargo now supports uninstallation of multiple packages[cargo/4561]
eg. `cargo uninstall foo bar` uninstalls `foo` and `bar`.
+ Added unit test checking to `cargo check`[cargo/4592]
+ Cargo now lets you install a specific version
using `cargo install --version`[cargo/4637]
- version 0.23.0
+ Cargo will now build multi file examples in subdirectories of the `examples`
folder that have a `` file.[cargo/4496]
+ Changed `[root]` to `[package]` in `Cargo.lock`[cargo/4571] Packages with
the old format will continue to work and can be updated with `cargo update`.
+ Now supports vendoring git repositories[cargo/3992]
2017-11-24 -
- adapt cargo bootstrap version to 0.23
- adapt rustc bootstrap version to 1.22.1
2017-11-20 -
- adapt cargo bootstrap version to 0.22
- adapt rustc bootstrap version to 1.21
- add armv6 support
2017-10-17 -
- Update to 0.22.0
+ You can now call cargo install with multiple package names
+ Cargo commands inside a virtual workspace will now implicitly pass --all
+ Added a [patch] section to Cargo.toml to handle prepublication dependencies RFC 1969
+ include & exclude fields in Cargo.toml now accept gitignore like patterns
+ Added the --all-targets option
+ Using required dependencies as a feature is now deprecated and emits a warning
2017-10-17 -
- Restrict x86 version to build i686 only

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