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pstoedit converts PostScript and PDF files to other vector graphic
formats so that they can be edited graphically.
pstoedit supports:
* Tgif .obj format (for tgif version >= 3)
* .fig format for xfig
* pdf - Adobe's Portable Document Format
* gnuplot format
* Flattened PostScript (with or without Bezier curves)
* DXF - CAD exchange format
* LWO - LightWave 3D
* RIB - RenderMan
* RPL - Real3D
* Java 1 or Java 2 applet
* Idraw format (in fact a special form of EPS that idraw can read)
* Tcl/Tk
* AI (Adobe Illustrator) (based on - not a real pstoedit driver - see notes below and manual)
* Windows Meta Files (WMF) (Windows only)
* Enhanced Windows Meta Files (EMF) (Windows, but also Linux/Unix if libemf is available)
* OS/2 meta files (OS/2 only)
* PIC format for troff/groff
* MetaPost format for usage with TeX/LaTeX
* LaTeX2e picture
* Kontour
* GNU Metafile (plotutils / libplot)
* Skencil ( )
* Mathematica
* via ImageMagick to any format supported by ImageMagick
* CNC G code
* VTK files for ParaView and similar visualization tools


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pstoedit-3.70-lp150.2.12.x86_64.rpm 3.70 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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pstoedit = 3.70-lp150.39.9
pstoedit(x86-64) = 3.70-lp150.39.9


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Binary Package pstoedit-3.70-lp150.39.9.x86_64.rpm
Source Package pstoedit-3.70-lp150.39.9.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the openSUSE Multimedia Libs repository:
    # zypper addrepo opensuse-multimedia-libs
  2. Install pstoedit rpm package:
    # zypper install pstoedit




2017-09-20 -
- build against ImageMagick 7
+ pstoedit-imagemagick7.patch
2016-03-04 -
- Add reproducible.patch to make build-compare work
2015-03-13 -
- Fix plugin search algorithm (pstoedit-pkglibdir.patch).
- Drop patches:
* pstoedit-parallel.patch: It was apparently autotools fault.
* pstoedit-3.50-plugin-close.patch: Triggering bnc#680125 is
fixed since 12.2.
* pstoedit-3.60-libdl.patch: Patch is correct, but not needed.
2015-03-12 -
- Update to version 3.70
* some code improvement
* removed the -DBUGGYGPP compile flag since now g++ can compile the
code without it. The former work-arounds are still there but will
be removed later.
* enabled more warnings when compiling with g++ and fixed some
resulting warnings.
* changed the autoconf part to better support the inclusion of
libzip for the pptx driver.
* included a lot of documentation corrections
* using non case sensitive comparison when determining the target
format from the file suffix.
* using more STL classes instead of older private replacements
(string and vector). In this context also some hard coded limits
were removed.
* fixed an assertion violation when using -ssp and a closepath occurred.
* added the dump of the font name for the DXF format.
prototype of a "simulate fill" option for emulating filling by stroking.
This is based on fillpoly.c from the hp2xx project. This is still kind
of experimental.
- Update pstoedit-3.62-parallel.patch > pstoedit-parallel.patch
2014-05-30 -
- Version bump to 3.62:
* new backend generating PowerPoint pptx files
* improved handling of composite fonts
* fixed a bug in detecting rectangles.
* improved bounding box tracing in case of text (but it is still not perfect).
* changed the creation of filenames when using the -split option.
* fixed a bug in passing generic libplot arguments to the libplot drivers.
* improved support for 64-bit systems related the integration of pstoedit to gsview.
* include a version info resource in pstoedit's windows exe and DLLs.
* include a work-around for a Hurd specific problem with dlclose.
- New patches to fix build behaviour:
* pstoedit-3.60-libdl.patch
* pstoedit-3.62-parallel.patch
2013-04-05 -
- Add Source URL, see
2012-11-07 -
- Update to version 3.61:
* fixed a bug in handling of -page option.
* improved support for 64-bit systems related to different
version of ghostscript
* added some features for supporting the LaOS project
(Laser Open Source Cutting,
2012-05-25 -
- Build against libEMF on all platforms.
2012-04-10 -
- fix buildrequires, ImageMagick-Magick++-devel
is now libMagick++-devel
2012-01-22 -
- removed patches deprecated by this release
- pstoedit-3.50-libadd.patch
- pstoedit-cxxflags.patch
- pstoedit-no_builddir_in_la_file.patch
- refreshed pstoedit-3.50-plugin-close.patch
- update to 3.60
+ added option (-minlinewidth) for adjusting very thing (e.g.
zero-width) lines to a minimal width.
+ added option (-pslanguagelevel) for easy switching the
language level to be used by GhostScript during interpretation
of the PostScript/PDF file
+ new driver for the "Context Free" drawing tool
( ) contributed by Scott Pakin
+ fixed the windows binary version - some drivers were missing
+ fixed some problems in handling composite fonts (FontType=0)
+ windows 32 bit binary can call 64 bit ghostscript as exe
(i.e. not via DLL interface)
+ support for 64 bit windows and Office 2010

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