libass-devel - Development files for libass, a subtitle rendering library

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This package is needed if you want to develop / compile against libASS.


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Install Howto

  1. Add the openSUSE Multimedia Libs repository:
    # zypper addrepo opensuse-multimedia-libs
  2. Install libass-devel rpm package:
    # zypper install libass-devel




2017-12-03 -
- Update to version 0.14.0:
* Brand new, faster and better outline stroker (replaces FreeType
* Remove option to use the FreeType rasterizer
* Fix spots of missing border around self-intersecting shapes
* Switch from Yasm to NASM for building hand-written assembler
* Clear font cache in ass_set_fonts(). This fixes potentially
incorrect font choices and an occasional crash if this function
is called midway through rendering a file.
2017-06-06 -
- Update to version 0.13.7
* Fix invalid memory accesses with BorderStyle=4
* Fix change detection bug on frame resizes
* Fix cache bugs with border size
* Reduce precision of border width in font outline caching
* Don't treat :;<=>? as hexadecimal digits in color headers
* Fix parsing of unusual Alignment values in ASS style definitions
* Fix potential truncation in timestamp parsing
* Treat negative PlayResX/PlayResY like VSFilter
* Fixes to parsing of embedded fonts
* Remove arbitrary bitmap limit (fixes issues with subtitle rendering at 4K)
* Allow using shadow offset to adjust size of background with BorderStyle=4
2017-02-21 -
- Update to version 0.13.6:
* Add Justify style override that changes text justification
(left/right/center) without affecting event positioning. This
breaks ABI compatibility with prior releases.
* Fix ass_set_cache_limits() to affect total bitmap cache size
including composite bitmap cache.
* Number parsing fixes
+ Fix illegal read when parsing some numbers in scientific
notation with huge exponents.
+ Correctly evaluate numbers in scientific notation with large
+ Correctly evaluate numbers with many leading zeros.
* Bug fixes found with fuzzing
+ Fix a small memory leak in the parser.
+ Fix illegal read in the parser on specially crafted input
with \t tags.
2016-10-05 -
- Update 0.13.4:
* Fuzzing fixes bnc#1002982 CVE-2016-7969, CVE-2016-7970 and
* Improve compatibility/portablility of build system, should fix e.g. compilation on Solaris.
* Fix memory leak in DirectWrite font provider.
* Fix the rasterizer when rendering some large outlines.
* Remove hack that forced RTL base direction depending on font encoding.
* Greatly improve the internal caches with refcounting and gradual clearing.
2016-02-25 -
- Update to 0.13.2
* Add ass_set_check_readorder() API function to disable use of
the ReadOrder field for duplicate checking in
* ass_step_sub(track, now, 0) now finds the start of the subtitle
at now.
* Bug fixes:
+ Fix an issue with the new duplicate checking, which could
lead to missing subtitles after seeking.
+ Fix a crash with Core Text under specific circumstances.
2015-12-17 -
- Update to 0.13.1
* Much faster duplicate event check in ass_process_chunk.
* Interpret negative timestamp components as actual negative numbers.
* Look up fonts that contain PostScript outlines by their PostScript
name instead of their full names. Family names continue to be used for all fonts.
* Keep spaces in font names
* Drop support for Fontconfig < 2.10.92 to ensure correct font matching
* Fix some small memory leaks, potential crashes and bad data uses
2015-12-16 -
- Update summary/description
2015-12-07 -
- Update RPM groups

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