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INDI is an Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface control protocol
for astronomical devices, which provides a framework that decouples low
level hardware drivers from high level front end clients. Clients that
use the device drivers are completely unaware of the device
capabilities and communicate with the device drivers and build a
completely dynamic GUI based on the services provided by the device.


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Install Howto

  1. Add the openSUSE KDE Extra repository:
    # zypper addrepo opensuse-kde-extra
  2. Install libindi rpm package:
    # zypper install libindi




2018-04-12 -
- Update to version 1.7.1:
* Hotfix for INDI API version that was not updated properly to
1.7.0 in the previous release
* Fixes to Astrophysics driver
* More code cleanup and refactoring
2018-04-11 -
- Update to version 1.7.0:
* Updated QHY SDK.
* FLI drivers are now based on libusb rather than legacy kernel
* New driver for CEM120 mount.
* New driver for Explore Scientific PMC8.
* Several memory leaks were fixed.
* Added support for background flushing for FLI CCDs.
* Added preliminary support for CCD rapid captures on the
millisecond range.
* SX CCD driver updated to support ICX453 & M25C.
* SX AO driver updated to emply INDI serial connection plugin.
* Fix timing issue with GPhoto making it stuck in busy state
after initial capture.
* ASI driver enhancements. Video format recall fix.
* MaxDomeII driver refactored and updated.
* Several fixes for Gemini Integra driver.
* Polling period for most drivers is now customizable.
* GPhoto driver supported Abort exposure. Subframing fixes.
* GPS driver can set system time from GPS source.
* Astrophyics Experimental Driver with multi-parking support.
* Numerous OnStep driver fixes and updates.
* SkySensor2000 Pulse guiding support.
* Prevent sandbox ACCESS_VIOLATION on Gentoo
* Celestron driver refactoring and support for high-precision
* Fixed script execution in scripting gateways
* Fix flags for Cygwin.
* Fix non-standard POSIX C functions.
* Replace deprecated usleep with nanosleep.
* CCD & Telescope simulator updated so that can be used
effectively in any combination with physical devices.
- Mark license files as %license instead of %doc
2018-01-09 -
- Update to version 1.6.2:
* Another quick release to fix missing cmake_modules directory
and a joystick driver crash fix.
From version 1.6.1:
* This is a bugfix patch release that resolves problems with INDI
version in INDI API.
From version 1.6.0:
* INDI Base Client is now supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
* Added 10Micron Mount support.
* Added spectrum support and libDSPAU.
* Added NexDome support.
* Added Pyxis Rotator support.
* Added Pegasus Focuser support.
* Added MBox Weather box support.
* Added SnapCap dust cap and flat panel support.
* Added Sesto-Senso focuser support.
* Added USB_DewPoint support.
* Added GPS-NMEA sources support.
* Added Gemini Telescope Design Integra85 Focusing Rotator WIP
* Added Lunatico's Armadillo and Platypus support.
* Video Streaming support for MacOS.
* Video Recording with libtheora (Optional).
* Video Streaming with MJPEG encoder.
* IOptron fixes and improvements.
* More NextstarEvo improvements.
* Dedicated Guider Simulator.
* QHY & ASI updated to latest SDK.
* Apogee fixes for MacOS.
* INova fixes and improvements. Updated SDK.
* QHY, Apogee, DSI builds for MacOS.
* EQMod Horizon fixes.
* Skywatcher Alt-Az Mount & Syncscan fixes and improvements
including guide support.
* StarSense support in Celestron Driver.
* Improvements to mount parking & unparking.
* New experimental Astrophysics Driver.
* Support for Losmandy UDP protocol.
* Fixed Dome slaving slew and tracking.
* Added Radio Antenna Simulator.
* New INDI Rotator Interface.
* UDEV rule to disable automount of DSLR cameras.
* Sky Quality Meter simulator.
* Improvements to INDI GPS drivers.
* TCFS Fixes.
* SkySensorPC2000 fixes.
* Fixed WatchDog behavior in case of unavailable dome.
* Improved Continuous Integration support with Travis & CircleCI
using Docker.
- Drop cmake_modules.tar.gz, no longer necessary

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