acetoneiso2 - A complete software to manage CD/DVD images rich of features

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Package name acetoneiso2
Package version 2.3
Package release lp150.4.1
Package architecture x86_64
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A complete software to manage CD/DVD images rich of features. In example it can
Mount typical proprietary images formats of the windows world and do plenty of
other things.


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acetoneiso2 - - -


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acetoneiso2 = 2.3-lp150.4.1
acetoneiso2(x86-64) = 2.3-lp150.4.1
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application(AcetoneISO.desktop) -
mimehandler(application/x-iso) -


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Binary Package acetoneiso2-2.3-lp150.4.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package acetoneiso2-2.3-lp150.4.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the openSUSE KDE Extra repository:
    # zypper addrepo opensuse-kde-extra
  2. Install acetoneiso2 rpm package:
    # zypper install acetoneiso2




2018-05-23 -
- Only recommend genisoimage instead of requiring it, has been
dropped in TW and Leap 15 and acetoneiso2 works fine without it
in principle (it's only needed for generating ISO images)
2017-12-31 -
- Add acetoneiso-no-qtwebkit.patch (taken from Arch Linux) that
removes the "Updates" tab which uses libQtWebKit4, it's not a
loss really anyway as the displayed website doesn't exist anymore
2013-12-07 -
- Change the project URL.
- Spec cleanup.
2011-01-20 -
- Update to version 2.3
- added utility to burn ISO/TOC/CUE images to CD-R/RW optical discs
- added utility to burn ISO images to DVD-+R/RW optical discs (including DL)
- AcetoneISO can now burn the raw images it generates when creating an image
from CD-Audio (toc support)
- fixed segmentation fault in erase cd/dvd function when no cd/dvd device is
- notice user if mounting an UDF ISO image providing him correct linux command
to mount the image as root user (tested with M$ Windows7 isos)
- small gui changes, most important is that the gui window size is not locked
anymore to a minimum value
- updated some i18n translations
- Spec file updates:
- Changes based on rpmdevtools templates and spec-cleaner run.
- Updates in Buildrequires:, Requires:, %build and %install sections.
- Fixed rpm post build checks warnings (empty?debuginfo/debugsource?package,
- Removed the patch and lxde.png for LXDE support (fixed upstream).
- Removed the patch for the desktop file (fixed upstream).
- Rebased the patch to fix phonon includes paths.
2010-10-29 -
- Update to version 2.2.2
- added support for Lxde(PCManFM) file manager.
- splitting an image in multiple parts no longer uses compression
algorithm (Dominik Dera)
- fixed a bug that prevented database from listing images when
the path had accented characters in it
- fixed bug that ignored saved path destination when downloading
a video from Youtube (Guido Cordaro)
- fixed utube.h warnings that occured when compiling sources
- fixed some filters in qdialogs
- removed useless qmessagebox warning when mounting an image
and file manager was set to none
- updated AcetoneISO.desktop file according to the
desktop-entry-spec-1.1 Thanks to Anatoly Lyutin
2010-06-04 -
- New upstream version 2.2.1
- fixed phonon includes paths
- added LXDE support
2009-10-08 - bitshuffler
- Updated to 2.1.1
2009-04-20 - Raymond Wooninck <> -
- Update to
+ fixed Youtube bug, it didn't update anymore due to a server change of the author
+ fixed a mount bug that occured when mounting an image of this type: ""
+ small GUI restyle with a better News browser
+ the default size of the manual widget has been resized to standard 640*480 avoiding nasty things on netbooks and similar
+ added czech local files
2009-04-20 - Raymond Wooninck <> - 2.0.3
- Update to 2.0.3
+ added Simplified Chinese locale files
+ at first launch ($HOME/.acetoneiso/acetoneiso.conf doesn't exist), AcetoneISO will open option window before actually loading the program
+ added option button in main GUI
+ removed paypal button in main GUI
+ updated manual
+ removed pornotube feature

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