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ODE is an open source, high performance library for simulating rigid
body dynamics. It is fully featured, stable, mature and platform
independent with an easy to use C/C++ API. It has advanced joint types
and integrated collision detection with friction. ODE is useful for
simulating vehicles, objects in virtual reality environments and
virtual creatures. It is currently used in many computer games, 3D
authoring tools and simulation tools.


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ode-devel = 0.15.2-lp150.7.5
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Install Howto

  1. Add the Games repository:
    # zypper addrepo http://widehat.opensuse.org/opensuse/repositories/games/openSUSE_Leap_15.0/ games
  2. Install ode-devel rpm package:
    # zypper install ode-devel




2017-11-09 - aavindraa@gmail.com
- Update to 0.15.2:
* Fixed: A bug with dWorldStep assigning both body feedbacks into
the first body variables fixed
- Includes changes from 0.15.1:
* Changed: dSTATIC_ARRAY_SIZE() macro has been added
* code refactoring, cleanup, optimizations
- Includes changes from 0.15, 0.14, 0.13.1:
* Changed: dSTATIC_ARRAY_SIZE() macro has been added
* Changed: Project generation options changed to enable built-in
multithreaded threading by default
* Changed: dWorldStep threaded execution extended to final steps
on constraint force application and body position updates
* New: dAddVectorScaledVector3() function has been added
* New: CCD_ATAN2() macro added for libccd
* New: dAddThreeScaledVectors3() function added in the odemath.h
* Deprecations:
+ dGeomTriMeshDataGetBuff (use dGeomTriMeshDataGet)
+ dGeomTriMeshDataSetBuff (use dGeomTriMeshDataSet)
+ ddGeomTriMeshDataPreprocess (use GeomTriMeshDataPreprocess2)
* Changed: Trimesh-Convex edge contact normals have been changed
to retain their inclination along edges as generated by libCCD
* Changed: A finer control over OU features implemented and OU
basic features have been made available by default
* Fixed: An access beyond the edges array has been fixed in the
case if last edge was a boundary one
* Fixed: A bug fixed with HashSpace calling big boxes collision
twice (both straight and reverse geometries order)
- For the full list of changes, see:
* https://bitbucket.org/odedevs/ode/compare/0.15.2%0D0.13
- cleanup with spec-cleaner
- move to new bitbucket url
- use %make_install macro
2017-06-18 - rpm@fthiessen.de
- Added ode-iso-cpp.patch to fix build with new gcc.
2016-05-26 - dap.darkness@gmail.com
- Update to 0.13:
* Stable, implicit gyroscopic forces.
* New joint: transmission joint.
* Contacts now have rolling friction.
* Removed the need for defining dSINGLE/dDOUBLE.
* New joint: Double Ball (AKA "distance joint").
* New joint: Double Hinge.
* Threaded execution support interface added (experimental).
* Many bugs were fixed.
- General clean-up via `spec-cleaner`.
- Source tag was fixed up to use the upstream download URL.
- License tag was fixed. Thanks to @AndreasStieger.
- BuildRequires tags were fixed up.
- Project should have the same name as upstream & pkgconfig.
- Added simple man page for ode-config.
- Added `make check` section (fails for i586).
2012-02-19 - jengelh@medozas.de
- Use proper LIBS variable for slipping in X11
(Libs in LDFLAGS may not have any effect due to importance of
linking order)
2011-11-21 - jengelh@medozas.de
- Remove redundant/unwanted tags/section (cf. specfile guidelines)
- Call configure properly to put libs where they are supposed to be
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel building
- Produce shared libraries
2011-11-19 - seife+obs@b1-systems.com
- update to 0.11.1
* lots of new functions and bugfixes, see CHANGELOG.txt
* add pkgconfig file
- fix build for > 11.4 (add -lX11 explicitly)
- use $RPM_OPT_FLAGS for building
2008-08-11 - sndirsch@suse.de
- update to 0.10.1
* New function: dJointSetPistonAnchorOffset
* Add new function dJointSetHingeAxisDelta
* Fix problem with dJointGetPistonPosition and
dJointGetPistonPositionRate when the joint is attached to only
a body 2. The sign was inversed.
* Update the slider joint to have the same behavior as the other
joint when there is only a body2 attached to it.
* Rename the new function dJointSetHingeAxisDelta to
dJointSetHingeAxisOffset. This will remove confusion with the
old function dJointSetHingeAnchorDelta.
* Bug fix: Max Correcting Vel behavior is now the same as before
2008-07-19 - sndirsch@suse.de
- update to 0.10
* current stable release
2007-11-21 - sndirsch@suse.de
- update to 0.9
* latest stable release
2007-05-24 - sndirsch@suse.de
- added -devel package to make rpmlint happy

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