nudoku - Ncurses based sudoku game

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nudoku is a ncurses based sudoku game.


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nudoku-1.0.0-lp150.1.1.x86_64.rpm 1.0.0 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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nudoku = 1.0.0-lp150.7.1
nudoku(x86-64) = 1.0.0-lp150.7.1


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Binary Package nudoku-1.0.0-lp150.7.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package nudoku-1.0.0-lp150.7.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Games repository:
    # zypper addrepo games
  2. Install nudoku rpm package:
    # zypper install nudoku




2018-04-19 -
- Update to 1.0.0:
* Add 'mark' command to highlight the currently selected number
in all other cells. Thanks to James Warnock.
* Redesign commands display.
* Display how many hints a person used when the puzzle is solved.
* Update maintainer email and man page.
* Code cleanup
2016-06-13 -
- Update to version 0.2.5
* manpage fixes
2015-08-26 -
- Version bump to 0.2.4
* Fix array out of bound in validity_check
2015-08-21 -
- Version bump to 0.2.3
* Code cleanup
2015-08-19 -
- Change Source to download location
- Update to version 0.2.2
* Add manpage
* User can provide sudokus of his own
* Major code cleanup
* Provide hints based on the users board
* Improve feedback for "check" to let the user know if his sudoku is right so far
2015-04-07 -
- Add BuildRequires xz to make it work under SLE11 too.
Going to add it generally since it is needed anyways, so to make
sure it exists.
2015-04-07 -
- Clean up spec
2015-03-25 -
- Rename and clean up spec file

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