libphysfs-devel - Libraries, includes and more to develop PhysicsFS applications

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Package name libphysfs-devel
Package version 2.0.3
Package release lp150.185.4
Package architecture x86_64
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"PhysicsFS is a library to provide abstract access to various archives.
It is intended for use in video games, and the design was somewhat
inspired by Quake 3's file subsystem. The programmer defines a "write
directory" on the physical filesystem. No file writing done through the
PhysicsFS API can leave that write directory, for security. For
example, an embedded scripting language cannot write outside of this
path if it uses PhysFS for all of its I/O, which means that untrusted
scripts can run more safely. Symbolic links can be disabled as well,
for added safety. For file reading, the programmer lists directories
and archives that form a "search path". Once the search path is
defined, it becomes a single, transparent hierarchical filesystem. This
makes for easy access to ZIP files in the same way as you access a file
directly on the disk, and it makes it easy to ship a new archive that
will override a previous archive on a per-file basis. Finally,
PhysicsFS gives you platform-abstracted means to determine if CD-ROMs
are available, the user's home directory, where in the real filesystem
your program is running, etc."


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libphysfs-devel-2.0.3-lp150.186.1.x86_64.rpm 2.0.3 x86_64 Education
libphysfs-devel-2.0.3-lp150.1.6.x86_64.rpm 2.0.3 x86_64 openSUSE Oss
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libphysfs1 = 2.0.3


Name Value
libphysfs-devel = 2.0.3-lp150.185.4
libphysfs-devel(x86-64) = 2.0.3-lp150.185.4
physfs-devel = 2.0.3
pkgconfig(physfs) = 2.0.3


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physfs-devel <= 1.0.1


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Binary Package libphysfs-devel-2.0.3-lp150.185.4.x86_64.rpm
Source Package physfs-2.0.3-lp150.185.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Games repository:
    # zypper addrepo games
  2. Install libphysfs-devel rpm package:
    # zypper install libphysfs-devel




2017-06-21 -
- Add physfs-gcc7.patch: Fix build with gcc7 (boo#1041279).
2016-08-20 -
- Add a pkgconfig file
2016-02-10 -
- Use cmake macros
2013-11-26 -
- Remove physfs-2.0.2-gcc46.patch (merged upstream)
2013-11-15 -
- Source code now packaged in a .tar.bz2 instead of .tar.gz.
- Fixed "make docs" for out-of-tree builds.
- No longer builds annoying wxWidgets test program by default.
- Fixed logic bug in UTF-8 string processing.
- Fixed infinite loop on some .zip files with symlinks.
- Fixed building of readline support in test program.
- Fixed .zip archiver losing files in some cases.
- Corrected copyright dates in license.
- Other minor tweaks and fixes.
2012-03-05 -
- license update: (LGPL-2.1+ or CPL-1.0) and Zlib
For a license such as this brackets are needed to avoid ambiguity
2012-02-14 -
- use original tar and avoid _service files
- trying to convert the license to
2011-04-03 -
- Fix gcc 4.6 compilation
- Use %optflags
2011-02-21 -
- update to version 2.0.2
* Fixed bug where zip and qpak could fail to locate an existing file.
* Fixed overflow on zero-sized buffers when converting to UTF-8.
2011-02-16 -
- update to version 2.0.1
* lzma support
* unicode support
* improved CD-ROM/DVD-ROM detection
* API extended with new functions
- use source services
- run spec-cleaner
- follow SLPP
- adapt to new cmake build system

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