libQt5WebKitWidgets5-32bit - Qt 5 WebKit Library

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Package name: libQt5WebKitWidgets5-32bit
Package version: 5.4.1
Package release: 7.2
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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Qt is a set of libraries for developing applications. This package contains base tools, like string, xml, and network handling.


  • libQt5WebKitWidgets5-32bit = 5.4.1-7.2
  • libQt5WebKitWidgets5-32bit(x86-32) = 5.4.1-7.2

    Install Howto

    Install libQt5WebKitWidgets5-32bit rpm package:

    # zypper install libQt5WebKitWidgets5-32bit


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    2015-02-24 - - Update to 5.4.1 * For more details please see: - Add minimal requires on other Qt5 libraries, as well the one from this source package - Added libqt5-qtwebkit-rpmlintrc due to shlib-fixed-dependency - Split the imports into separate package

    2015-01-16 - - Reenable Qt5WebChannel integration

    2014-12-19 - - Comment out Qt5WebChannel BuildRequires for now

    2014-12-10 - - Update to 5.4 Final * For more details please see: and

    2014-11-27 - - Update to 5.4 RC * For more details please see: and - Drop ppc64le-support.patch, merged upstream - Add pkgconfig(Qt5Location) and pkgconfig(Qt5WebChannel) BuildRequires - Explicitly pass production_build to qmake - Install licenses

    2014-10-23 - - reduce memory requirements for arm - there is no 7GB of RAM

    2014-09-24 - - use -g1 on s390/s390x as well as on the other architectures

    2014-09-16 - - Update to 5.3.2 final * No changes since previous snapshot * Use official tars

    2014-09-04 - - Update to 5.3.2~git20140904 (rd8bc98b): * Tip of the bugfix 5.3.2 branch: * Fix key identifier for comma key ("Separator") * Fix fallback conversion of recognized objects * Fix regression in QQuickWebView's transparent backgound * Fix crash in DeviceOrientationController when !HAVE(QTSENSORS) * Fix case in documentation of qobjectbridge bindings * Do not add QStyle padding on top of default padding * [WK2] Update text upon item selection for menu lists * Do not use title as the primary text of dragged or copied links * Show placeholder text when focused * Do not override padding in textfields * Avoid crash when hidePopup is called multiple times * Added support for appending an escaped SegmentedString to another. * QWebPage crashes on drag without QWidget view * Crash during exception unwinding * Bad cast from CSSInitialValue to CSSValueList * use after free in WebCore::DocumentOrderedMap::remove / WebCore::TreeScope::removeElementById * define DOUBLE_CONVERSION_CORRECT_DOUBLE_OPERATIONS on HPPA * Actually load icc.prf for the Intel compiler * Prevent interpreting URL parameter for Qt plugins as content URLs. * Fix android build error about already defined struct. * Fix SpeculateCellOperand ASSERT failure in DFG for 32-bit builds. * QtWebKitWidgets should not depend directly on QtQuick * QWebHitTestResult::element() should return the inner element * Specify location of CMake tests * Fix WebView crash when using gcc 4.9. * Fix debug builds of qtwebkit on linux-icc * Qt5WebKitWidgets should keep private dependencies private * Prevent crashes when the QWebView gets reparented. * Fix build with gcc 4.4 * Add qtxmlpatters to sync.profile * GraphicsContext for Qt: add popTransparencyLayerInternal method. * Bump version - Reduce general constraints to 4GB, and leave 7GB only for s390x - Enable qtlocation integration

    2014-08-15 - - _constraints modified: building requires 7GB on some platforms (e.g. s390x)