curl - A Tool for Transferring Data from URLs

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Package name: curl
Package version: 7.40.0
Package release: 4.1
Package architecture: i586
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Curl is a client to get documents and files from or send documents to a server using any of the supported protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, TFTP, DICT, TELNET, LDAP, or FILE). The command is designed to work without user interaction or any kind of interactivity.



  • curl = 7.40.0-4.1
  • curl(x86-32) = 7.40.0-4.1


    Binary package: curl-7.40.0-4.1.i586.rpm
    Source package: curl-7.40.0-4.1.src.rpm

    Install Howto

    Install curl rpm package:

    # zypper install curl


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    2015-01-08 - - update to 7.40.0: * fixes CVE-2014-8150 (bnc#911363) * fixes CVE-2014-3707 (bnc#901924) * Changes: http_digest: Added support for Windows SSPI based authentication version info: Added Kerberos V5 to the supported features Makefile: Added VC targets for WinIDN config-win32: Introduce build targets for VS2012+ SSL: Add PEM format support for public key pinning smtp: Added support for the conversion of Unix newlines during mail send smb: Added initial support for the SMB/CIFS protocol Added support for HTTP over unix domain sockets, via CURLOPT_UNIX_SOCKET_PATH and --unix-socket sasl: Added support for GSS-API based Kerberos V5 authentication - refresh patches

    2014-09-10 - - update to 7.38.0 * fixes CVE-2014-3613 (bnc#894575) and CVE-2014-3620 (bnc#895991) * cookie leaks with IP address as domain and TLDs respectively Changes: supports HTTP/2 draft-14 CURLE_HTTP2 is a new error code CURLAUTH_NEGOTIATE is a new auth define CURL_VERSION_GSSAPI is a new capability bit no longer use fbopenssl for anything schannel: use CryptGenRandom for random numbers axtls: define curlssl_random using axTLS's PRNG cyassl: use RNG_GenerateBlock to generate a good random number findprotocol: show unsupported protocol within quotes version: detect and show LibreSSL version: detect and show BoringSSL imap/pop3/smtp: Kerberos (SASL GSSAPI) authentication via Windows SSPI http2: requires nghttp2 0.6.0 or later Bugfixes: SECURITY ADVISORY: cookie leak with IP address as domain SECURITY ADVISORY: cookie leak for TLDs And many other fixes

    2014-08-28 - - curl 7.37.1: This release includes many bugfixes and the following changes: * bits.close: introduce connection close tracking * darwinssl: Add support for --cacert * polarssl: add ALPN support * docs: Added new option man pages

    2014-06-12 - - update to 7.37.0 This release includes many bugfixes and the following changes: * URL parser: IPv6 zone identifiers are now supported * CURLOPT_PROXYHEADER: set headers for proxy-only * CURLOPT_HEADEROPT: added * curl: add --proxy-header * sasl: Added support for DIGEST-MD5 via Windows SSPI * sasl: Added DIGEST-MD5 qop-option validation in native challange handling * imap: Expanded mailbox SEARCH support to use URL query strings [7] * imap: Extended FETCH support to include PARTIAL URL specifier [7] * nss: implement non-blocking SSL handshake * build: Reworked Visual Studio project files * poll: enable poll on darwin13 * mk-ca-bundle: added -p * libtests: add a wait_ms() function - dropped patches: * curl-mkhelp.patch (upstream) * curl-test815.patch (upstream)

    2014-04-11 - - remove the useless BuildRequires that were meant for debugging only

    2014-04-09 - - update to 7.36 * fixes CVE-2014-0138 (bnc#868627) and CVE-2014-0139 (bnc#868629) * NEW FEATURES: ntlm: Added support for NTLMv2 tool: Added support for URL specific options openssl: add ALPN support gtls: add ALPN support nss: add ALPN and NPN support added CURLOPT_EXPECT_100_TIMEOUT_MS tool: add --no-alpn and --no-npn added CURLOPT_SSL_ENABLE_NPN and CURLOPT_SSL_ENABLE_ALPN http2: build with current nghttp2 version openssl: info message with SSL version used * dropped curl-test172_cookie_expiration.patch (upstream) * added patches to make it build: - curl-mkhelp.patch - curl-test815.patch

    2014-03-13 - - Disable BuildRequires for openssh, only needed for test suite, but the test suite isn't able to start sshd anyways. Solves the problem that openssh checkins triggers a nearly full rebuild, too.