cross-s390x-gcc48-icecream-backend - The GNU C Compiler and Support Files

Distribution: openSUSE 13.2
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Package name: cross-s390x-gcc48-icecream-backend
Package version: 4.8.3+r212056
Package release: 2.4.4
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
Installed size: 12.21 MB
Download size: 12.23 MB
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Core package for the GNU Compiler Collection, including the C language frontend. Language frontends other than C are split to different sub-packages, namely gcc-ada, gcc-c++, gcc-fortran, gcc-java, gcc-objc and gcc-obj-c++.


  • cross-s390x-gcc48-icecream-backend = 4.8.3+r212056-2.4.4
  • cross-s390x-gcc48-icecream-backend(x86-64) = 4.8.3+r212056-2.4.4

    Install Howto

    Install cross-s390x-gcc48-icecream-backend rpm package:

    # zypper install cross-s390x-gcc48-icecream-backend


    • /usr/share/icecream-envs/cross-s390x-gcc48-icecream-backend_x86_64.binutils
    • /usr/share/icecream-envs/cross-s390x-gcc48-icecream-backend_x86_64.glibc
    • /usr/share/icecream-envs/cross-s390x-gcc48-icecream-backend_x86_64.tar.gz


    2016-09-23 - - Add patch gcc48-bnc988274.patch: Fix bnc#988274

    2014-08-01 - - Add patch gcc48-libgfortran-CVE-2014-5044.diff to fix integer overflows in libgfortran, CVE-2014-5044. [bnc#888791]

    2014-07-28 - - Add patch gcc48-ppc64le-abi-warnings-fix.diff to fix failure to link any Objective-C/C++ program on ppc64le. [ggo#61920]

    2014-07-25 - - Add patch gcc48-ppc64le-abi-warnings.diff to warn about future ABI changes for ppc64le. [bnc#888907]

    2014-07-16 - - Add patch gcc48-bnc887141.patch to fix INTERNAL_SYSCALL_NCS miscompile in glibc. [bnc#887141] - Add patch gcc48-bnc884738.patch to fix kernel atomic_dec_and_test miscompile. [bnc#884738]

    2014-06-27 - - Update to gcc-4_8-branch head (r212056) * Fixes ppc64le miscompile with VSX vector extracts. [bnc#884628] * Fixes -march=native behavior when running in QEMU/KVM. [ggo#61570] * Fixes wrong-code on i686 with int to double conversions. [ggo#61423] * Fixes wrong-code on aarch64 for TLS accesses. [ggo#61545]

    2014-06-26 - - Add libgcj48-rpmlintrc and libffi48-rpmlintrc as sources.

    2014-06-12 - - Update to gcc-4_8-branch head (r211485). * Fixes ppc64le V1TI memory operation miscompile. [bnc#882300] * Fixes ppc64le miscompile of calls to K&R functions. [ggo#61300]

    2014-05-22 - - Update to gcc-4_8-branch head (r210846). * Includes GCC 4.8.3 release. * Fixes ppc64le HTM ttest code generation. [bnc#879504] - Fix libstdc++48-doc build conditional to really only build from libgcj48.spec.

    2014-05-16 - - Update to gcc-4_8-branch head (r210488). * pulls GCC 4.8.3 release candidate * pulls fix for ppc64le ABI incompatibility with s390 for HTM. [bnc#878065]