cdrtools - Tools for recording CD/DVD/BluRay media

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Package name: cdrtools
Package version: 3.01~a25
Package release: 2.8.2
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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Cdrtools is a set of command line programs for writing to CD/DVD/BluRay media. It will install the original cdrtools binaries. This is the original version from Joerg Schilling. Built from clean sources without patches.



  • cdrtools = 3.01~a25-2.8.2
  • cdrtools(x86-64) = 3.01~a25-2.8.2
  • schily-cdrtools = 3.01~a25


  • cdrkit-cdrtools-compat


  • schily-cdrtools < 3.01~a25


    Install Howto

    Install cdrtools rpm package:

    # zypper install cdrtools


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    2014-11-29 - - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a25 * Precursory work for localization - Run spec-beautifier for spec files - Reenable missing capability support [bnc#899718]

    2014-09-22 - - Update package metadata: new upstream URLs - Remove untracked old changes file

    2014-05-07 - - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a24 * isoinfo now allows the user to extract all files from an ISO image based on the built-in find(1) command. This works even for milti-extent files (files > 4 GB). * Some enhancements for the libschily *at() function emulations have been added.

    2014-03-05 - - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a23 * Cdrecord now prints timediffs also in hours:minutes:seconds. * Cdda2wav no longer includes "c2check" in the "proof" paranoia option to avoid a firmware bug in a TSSTcorp drive. * Mkisofs has slightly-reduced CPU time requirements. * A problem in isoinfo has been fixed; it did not always print timestamps in `-find -ls` mode.

    2014-01-21 - - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a22 * mkisofs includes a new option, -legacy, that allows it to reenable the short options -H/-L/-P; these have been disabled in 2006 for compatibility with scripts that have not been updated during the past 10 years. * libsiconv now only tries to open a file when the argument includes a slash in its name. * libschily::printf() now includes support for %n$ argument reordering for the first 30 arguments. - Drop ppc64le.patch (merged upstream)

    2014-01-06 - - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a21 * This release adds some workarounds for compiling with MinGW. New functions xcomerr(), xcomerrno(), fxcomerr(), and fxcomerrno() in libschily. A bug in libschily/format.c that caused %.*s to be printed incorrectly has been fixed. Some bugs in the mkisofs man page have been fixed.

    2014-01-02 - - enable ppc64le architecture (ppc64le.patch)

    2013-12-26 - - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a20 * libparanoia and cdda2wav have been enhanced to give much better results with slightly bad media and new hardware. - Enable symbol versions

    2013-12-03 - - Update to new upstream release 3.01~a19 * This release added different fine-grained privilege handling that keeps root privileges in cases where cdrtools have been called by a privileged program. * Libfind now supports "event port" type files. * Emulations for *at() functions have been added to libschily. - Mark the mkisofs program (combined work) as GPL-2.0 due to some GPL2-only sources (mkisofs/inode.c).

    2013-11-14 - - Add gcc48wa.diff to work around broken gcc-4.8 behavior