libmlt-devel - Multimedia framework designed and developed for television broadcasting

Distribution: openSUSE 13.2
Repository: openSUSE Multimedia Libs all
Package name: libmlt-devel
Package version: 6.4.1
Package release: 76.19
Package architecture: i586
Package type: rpm
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MLT is an open source multimedia framework, designed and developed for television broadcasting. It provides a toolkit for broadcasters, video editors, media players, transcoders, web streamers and many more types of applications. The functionality of the system is provided via an assortment of ready to use tools, XML authoring components, and an extensible plug-in based API.



  • libmlt-devel = 6.4.1-76.19
  • libmlt-devel(x86-32) = 6.4.1-76.19
  • pkgconfig(mlt-framework) = 6.4.1


    Install Howto

    1. Add the openSUSE Multimedia Libs repository:
      # zypper addrepo opensuse-multimedia-libs
    2. Install libmlt-devel rpm package:
      # zypper install libmlt-devel


    • /usr/include/mlt/
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_animation.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_cache.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_consumer.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_deque.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_events.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_factory.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_field.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_filter.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_frame.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_geometry.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_log.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_multitrack.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_parser.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_playlist.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_pool.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_producer.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_profile.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_properties.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_property.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_repository.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_service.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_slices.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_tokeniser.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_tractor.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_transition.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_types.h
    • /usr/include/mlt/framework/mlt_version.h
    • /usr/lib/
    • /usr/lib/pkgconfig/mlt-framework.pc


    2016-11-16 - - Update to version 6.4.1 * This is a hot-fix release for v6.4 that fixes a symbol version declaration problem for the new C++ method Mlt::Profile::is_valid().

    2016-11-12 - - Update to version 6.4.0 This is both a bugfix and enhancement release: Framework * Added functions for multi-threaded slice-based image processing: mlt_slices_init, mlt_slices_close, and mlt_slices_run. * Added Mlt::Profile::is_valid(). * Added MLT_DIRLIST_DELIMITER to mlt_types.h. * Renamed mlt++/config.h to mlt++/MltConfig.h. * Fixed mlt_properties_set_lcnumeric() on macOS. * Fixed address of Free Software Foundation in comment headers. Modules * Added crop_to_fill property to composite transition. * Added sliced_composite property to composite transition. * Added peak and true peak properties to loudness_meter filter. * Added qtblend transition and filter to qt module. * Added ndi (NewTek NDI) module with producer and consumer. * Added opencv module with opencv_tracker filter. * Added line_spacing, strech, wrap_width, and wrap_type properties to pango producer. * Added oblique value for style property to pango producer. * Added fontmap-reload event to pango producer. * Added support for pkg-config to sdl module. * Added .kra (Krita Image) file name extension to loader.dict. * Improved performance of kdenlivetitle producer. * Improved decklink producer and consumer. * Improved accuracy of seeking on lossy compressed audio in avformat producer. * Improved mix transition using 32-bit floating point. * Fixed avfilter when image format changes. * Fixed loading relative file name in vidstab filter. * Fixed crash on Windows with avfilter. * Fixed parsing LADSPA_PATH with semi-colon delimiter on Windows. * Fixed parsing FREI0R_PATH with semi-colon delimiter on Windows. * Fixed reading relative path with backslash (Windows) in xml producer. * Fixed loading relative file name for av.file (avfilter). * Fixed loading multiple LADSPA plugins on some systems. * Fixed compile error when not configured with --enable-gpl. * Fixed loading in avfilter.lut3d in locales with comma decimal point. * Fixed a possible crash in resample filter. * Fixed alpha channel in kdenlivetitle producer. * Fixed possible crash in pixbuf and qimage producers. * Fixed count when counting down in count producer. Other * Moved some avformat presets from lossless to new intermediate folder. * Added a YouTube avformat consumer preset. * Changed metadata.rb metadata publisher to output Markdown. - Removed dupes

    2016-07-25 - - Build with ffmpeg unconditional