libburn4 - Library for Writing Preformatted Data onto Optical Media

Distribution: openSUSE 13.2
Repository: openSUSE Multimedia Libs all
Package name: libburn4
Package version: 1.4.6
Package release: 6.1
Package architecture: x86_64
Package type: rpm
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Libburn is a library for writing preformatted data onto optical media such as CD, DVD, BD (Blu-Ray) and also offers a facility for reading data blocks from its drives without using the normal block device I/O.



  • libburn4 = 1.4.6-6.1
  • libburn4(x86-64) = 1.4.6-6.1


    Install Howto

    1. Add the openSUSE Multimedia Libs repository:
      # zypper addrepo opensuse-multimedia-libs
    2. Install libburn4 rpm package:
      # zypper install libburn4


    • /usr/lib64/
    • /usr/lib64/


    2017-01-29 - - Update to 1.4.6: * Bug fix: SAO CD could be perceived 2 blocks to short. Regression in 1.4.4 by rev 5672. * New API call burn_drive_set_immed() * New cdrskin option use_immed_bit=

    2016-07-27 - - Update to 1.4.4: * Bug fix: Option drive_scsi_dev_family=sg did not convert /dev/sr* to /dev/sg* * Bug fix: burn_make_input_sheet_v07t() falsly recognized double byte encoding. Affected cdrskin option: cdtext_to_v07t= * Bug fix: Double free at end of run if burn_write_opts_set_leadin_text() is used. Affected cdrskin option: textfile= * Bug fix: DVD book type of DVD+RW DL and DVD+R DL was reported wrong.

    2016-06-26 - - Update to 1.4.2.pl01: cdrskin: * Bug fix: cdrskin "failed to attach fifo" when burning from stdin. Regression of 1.4.2, rev 5522. From 1.4.2: libburn: * Bug fix: burn_disc_get_media_id() returned BD identifiers 2 chars too long * Bug fix: burn_disc_get_multi_caps() returned 2048 bytes too many in caps.start_range_high * Bug fix: Media summary session count of blank and closed media was short by 1 * Bug fix: Endless loop if transport error occurs while waiting for drive ready * New API calls burn_drive_get_serial_no() and burn_drive_get_media_sno() * Result of a Coverity audit: 40+ code changes, but no easy-to-trigger bugs cdrskin: * New -toc line "Drive id" tells the drive's individual serial number

    2015-05-25 - - Update to 1.4.0: libburn: * Bug fix: Wrong read access to memory. cdrskin: * Bug fix: Double free with cdrskin -vvv. Introduced with rev 5065, version 1.3.1.

    2015-03-08 - - Update to 1.3.8 * Bug fix: Wrong stack usage caused SIGBUS on sparc when compiled by gcc -O2 * Bug fix: Minimum drive buffer fill was measured by cdrskin before the buffer could get full * Bug fix: A failed MMC BLANK command did not cause error indication by libburn * Bug fix: A final fsync(2) was performed with stdio drives, even if not desired

    2014-05-30 - - Update to version 1.3.6.pl01: libburn: * Bug fix: Compilation warning for unsupported systems mutated into an error. This is a regression introduced by release 1.3.6. From version 1.3.6: * New system adapter for NetBSD * Bug fix: CD TAO with multiple tracks or add-on sessions could cause a buffer overrun by one 0-byte. - Split libburn from libburnia and make it a separate package. - Added cdrskin as a subpackage.

    2013-12-17 - - update libisofs to version 1.3.4 * Giving sort weight 2 as default to El Torito boot images * Encoding HFS+ names in UTF-16 rather than UCS-2. - update libburn to version 1.3.4 * Bug fix: Drive error reports were ignored during blanking and formatting * Bug fix: Drive LG BH16NS40 stalls on inspection of unformatted DVD+RW * New API call burn_disc_pretend_full_uncond() - update libisoburn to version 1.3.4 * Bug fix: Command -blank "as_needed" formatted blank BD-R. * Bug fix: -as mkisofs option -log-file put the log file into the image * Bug fix: -cut_out did not add x-permission to r-permission of directory * Bug fix: Command -zisofs did not accept all options emitted by - status -zisofs * Bug fix: -blank force:... failed on appendable or closed media * New command -read_speed * New -close mode "as_needed", new -as cdrecord option - -multi_if_possible * New -alter_date types: a-c , m-c , b-c , c - add rpmlintrc to remove false-positive dependency error

    2013-08-08 - - update to 1.3.2: * cdrskin has acquired the ability to copy audio tracks to .wav files * cdrskin can extract CD-TEXT in a form which is readable for humans and for cdrskin itself

    2013-06-16 - - Explicitly list libattr-devel as BuildRequires - Remove redundant %clean section.